Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Top 10 continental footballers of the decade in Europe

A good article on the top 10 footballers of the last decade in Europe.


There is a predilection for attacking players in this list (and hence the omission of players such as Paolo Maldini), but there is little to carp about this article as such.

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Prabhakar Mohan said...

Hello VRS,

Good to find u blogging a lot. But anyways reg this article, there is literally nothing to defecate about. It does mention few words like "Even at 36, he defends with almost unparalleled elegance and enviable ease, timing tackles to perfection despite a slight loss of pace.", who is none other than the one u mentioned as missed out "Paolo maldini". Anyways keep blogging, kinda like to read ur stuff. by the way i was a freshman when u were 4th yr at CECRI.