Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blogger's Block

Its been an age since I last blogged..Circumstances...finishing my MA...entrance exams...decisions to take...laptop crashing...all prevented it...I had the following topics in mind:

a) The Parliament functioning in Nepal and some great changes coming off it
b) The whole ruckus created over the Reservations Issue (and this was primarily what that occupied my mind).
c) Nationalization of oil/gas reserves in Bolivia
d) The Left winning in Kerala, WB and Jaya's parajay in TN, and the BJP's bad show overall in this particular round of elections..and whether at all it meant a change in status quo in India at this particular moment
e) The Tele-Media and its sheer lack of analytical understanding of any particular issue, the sheer lack of professional interest in deep analysis and the reliance on superficial scrapping-the-surface
f) Barcelona winning the Champions League, the World Cup coming up.


I guess..I wont be able to write on all these in detail, some of them are "passe", but some are still relevant..especially the Reservations issue.

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