Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blogging vs article-writing

This (New Praxis) started off as a pure blog and then went on to become a mixture of opinion articles/editorials and some occasional blogs. Yours truly now intends to write everyday on a particular topic, instead of hosting this blog merely as a collection of articles.


Thisis said...

Dear Srini,

See the video, especially the part from 1:14 minutes to 1:37 minutes

You might have a different view on Tibet issue and the way China handling it, but i guess blacking out Channels must be unacceptable to you as well.

You are a writer and activist yourself and you know the value and need of media freedom. I think you should write a blog post/article protesting against this media black out in China. I hope you wouldn't follow N Ram or CPI(M) and keep quite about this.

Srinivasan Ramani said...

Thanks. I am writing one on it by tomorrow. You can in the meantime, read this article by a friend:

Its a "different take" from the Western ones, but it is quite objective and honest too. I would actually want to work a bit further on the same lines by reading more about the issue.


Anonymous said...

We fans of Srini the journalist eagerly await Srini the journal-ist.

Mahesh Panicker. said...

good dicision Srini!. am looking forward to it.