Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Freudian slip or mental blip?

Time and again the warmonger presidential candidate in the American 2008 elections from the Republican Party, John McCain makes a nincompoopish statement that Al Qaeda is in control of Iraq and therefore the US occupation of Iraq must continue even if it lasts a 100 years! Obviously this bellowing warmonger is a Bush to the power of Bush. A paleoconservative, Pat Buchanan says that McCain will make the neoconservative lunatic veep Dick Cheney look like Gandhi with his harping on a militarist American foreign policy!

McCain yet again makes a case for Shiite Iran training the Sunni terrorist Al Qaeda, before being corrected by former Democrat, but current independent Zionist Joe Liebermann who points out his Freudian slip.

Hard to believe that this bloodthirsty warmonger is a presidential frontrunner, ain't it?

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