Saturday, October 04, 2008

The dark Bailout

The funny thing about the American politicians, particularly the Republicans is the way they try to dumb down themselves to prove that they are good enough to be the highest representatives of their fellow countrymen ..i.e. by making themselves "familiar" with their constituents. How else could one explain the choice of this obvious moron, Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate? eh? I mean.. ' I deserve to be VP, because I have foreign policy credentials...'.. Explain... "U see.. Alaska is close to Russia and I govern Alaska"... wow! Tina Fey gave a nice nice "no spin zone" to it. Or how the Yale/Ivy/Skulls & Bones/ Mgmt graduate George Bush could try to pose himself as the "guy whom most Americans would want to have beer with" and put on the dunce cap more often than not.

On second thoughts, I realise that this is pretty much true with other countries, including mine as well. After all, isn't my own president, Pratibha Patil the same lady who used to communicate with dead souls? Still, Palin beats everyone when it comes to nincompoopishness (as many pals of mine know..thats my favourite cuss word).

Still.. I hope there is some redemption or atleast a bailout of the Americans (and the world too!) from the disastrous presidency of the neocons and the socio-cons and the moron-cons. And who would bail them out? Barack-"senator mcCain is right"- Obama? Or is it this guy:

LOL :)


Karan Vaswani said...

Sarah Palin is certainly a moron. On the other hand, at least she knows something about the rest of the world (not much, of course, but something) and is familiar with twenty first century modernity. That's more than can be said for most of our rural politicians. :) When, oh when, will we put the illiterate in our own country back in their deserved place? :) They are far worse morons than any Sarah Palin. :)

Srinivasan Ramani said...

At least the "illiterate" over here don't deign to talk about foreign policy and keep to their own issues.. in comparison to Sarah, " I have foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia". I have never heard Rabri Devi talk about she wanting to be a cabinet Central minister because Nepal borders Bihar!.

Karan Vaswani said...

The likes of Laloo and Mayawati, on the other hand, certainly harbour undisguised ambitions to be PM, or, at the very least to be powerbrokers in selecting the next PM. And have not rural populists like Rabri Devi expressed views on commercial and economic policies which they are at least as unqualified to talk about as Sarah Palin is to discuss foreign policy?... Uppity peasants. :)

Srinivasan Ramani said...

The operative word is the "reason" that is given by these political leaders for their stances. I would make a fool of myself if I deigned to take up the cudgels for the Laloo/Rabri combine or even Mayawati, but they seem to be way better off than the Palins who base their foreign policy knowledge/ experience on the fact that the state she governs borders a neighbour. Hilarious!

Last heard, Lalu Yadav was still being feted by the elite Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad for the performance of the Indian Railways!

Funnily though.. whom are we comparing? Bucolic leaders in a third world nation with competitors for the second most powerful post (just a heartbeat away from the first) in the supposed land of liberty and world's lone superpower. Is that a fair comparison? Or is that the best defense for Sarah "Barracuda" Palin, the moron?