Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Second class Lehmann Brothers

This is an interesting incident that I felt compelled to recount.

My employer, EPW's deputy editor, Bernard D'Mello, takes the local train daily to commute back home after work from our office in Lower Parel. He is a long time "Mumbaikar" and an economist who editorialises regularly on issues related to economics, political economy and international affairs. He uses the second class compartment for his travel everyday, by the way.

Just a few days ago, Bernard was reading The Economist on his way back home, when a few young college students got into the compartment. It seems that they found it a bit odd that a man who looked so "gentlemanly" and someone who was reading "The Economist" was travelling in a "second class" compartment. One of them quipped to the others, that Bernard must be a Lehmann Brothers' employee who must have fallen into bad days thus having to travel "second class"!

When Bernard told us about it, I couldnt' resist a long laugh :)

Bernard's editorial on the financial crisis can be found here .

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